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Located in Eugene, Oregon,

we are members and friends

of Self-Realization Fellowship–

a worldwide non-profit, religious organization founded in 1920

by Paramahansa Yogananda.

We warmly welcome you!

"Picture the New Year as a garden you are responsible for planting. Sow the seeds of good habits in this soil and weed out worries and wrong actions of the past."
–Paramahansa Yogananda

Sunday Services
at Our EMG Chapel

We will be holding a Sunday Service

from 9 – 11a.m. on these dates:

• Jan 16th • Jan 23rd • Jan 30th •

NOTE:  Emails will be sent by 7 a.m. on any Sundays

involving a service cancellation.    

This Week's SRF Talk


Livestream Class Saturday 

Jan 15th • 9 a.m.

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to invite all SRF Kriyabans to join us for this free online Voluntary League of Disciples (VLD) class. 

Please Note:  For those unable to participate in this Livestream on Jan 15th, the video of this event will continue to be available

on the public portion of The SRF Voluntary League website until Monday, Jan 17th at 9 a.m. 

After that, the video of this event will be available in the Voluntary League member content area.

SRF Online Inspiration 

Bro Chidananda image_edited.jpg
View and participate in free online Meditations and Services with SRF monastics by clicking this link.

The SRF Convocation Experience Continues 


We invite you to continue to enjoy the classes, guided meditations, kirtans, and more from the 2021 SRF World Convocation. This unique immersion in Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings is still available — register for free if you haven’t already.  


To View Convocation Events


  • If you had already registered for Convocation, you may continue to experience all Convocation offers on the SRF website, including four interactive pilgrimages.  



  • Additionally, a playlist of 26 classes, meditations, and kirtans is available on the SRF YouTube channel


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